Did you take on the Ice Bucket Challenge, wisely avoid the Cinnamon Challenge and then happily pose with family for the Mannequin Challenge? My friends, get yourselves into the kitchen: It's time to take the Cup Blowing Challenge.

What is this latest craze taking over the internet? As the clips circulating online show, it involves physics and the perfect puff of air. Take one cup and place it within another. Now, blow gently into the space between the two cups and attempt to launch the top cup into another nearby. Depending on how heavy the cup you're attempting to move is, you may want to also try spinning it before blowing it up and away.

It doesn't sound like anything special, but as the video below shows, it still looks like a great party trick.


As some have discovered, it's wise to first make sure that the cup you're blowing into doesn't contain liquid.

It's also harder than it looks and may require a few attempts to pull off.

Once you get good enough, however, you can up the ante like this pro #cupblower.

No go forth and take the challenge! (But perhaps wait to film anything until you've given it a few attempts.)

Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

Everyone, take a deep breath and try the Cup Blowing Challenge
Latest craze to take over the internet involves blowing one cup magically into the other.