Ewan McGregor is lending his voice to help educate IMAX audiences on the majesty and beauty of the humpback whale.

The actor, who was considered for the lead role in a biopic on the life of anti-whaling captain Paul Watson, has signed on for director Greg MacGillivray's "Humpback Whales," a 3-D IMAX film that promises to take audiences "to the underwater world of the far away places where humpbacks live and thrive."

The film is the first IMAX feature captured with the format's new 3-D cameras, with location shoots in the South Pacific, Africa, Hawaii and Alaska. The film will have its premiere at the Museum of Discovery Science's Autonation IMAX Theater in South Florida featuring a giant 60-foot by 80-foot screen. 

“Humpback whales are simply fascinating creatures. Audiences will get an immersive look at how these whales communicate, sing, feed, play and take care of their young on the biggest screen in South Florida,” said President and CEO Kim Cavendish.

McGregor has previously lent his voice to other environmental documentaries such as 2013's "Wild Scotland" and the more recent "Ice Bear."

"Humpback Whales" is slated for release on Feb. 13, 2015. 

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Ewan McGregor to voice whale documentary
Actor signs up for director Greg MacGillivray's IMAX feature 'Humpback Whales.'