Disneynature's gorgeous new documentary "Bears" arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow - and we've got an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the film to share.

What's particularly interesting about this sneak peek is that instead of the Alaskan brown bear, we're given a look at the filmmakers' close-up experience with the grey wolf. A testament to the remote nature of their filming location, these wolves exhibit curiosity rather than fear of the production team.

"When we came to Katmai, we knew we were going to see wolves," co-director Keith Scholey says in the clip. "But wolves, much everywhere in North Amercica, are actually quite timid. So we just thought we would catch the odd one in the distance. What we didn't expect was wolves that would completely accept us." 

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Exclusive Disneynature 'Bears' clip gets us close with wolves
Behind-the-scenes preview reveals the curiosity of wild wolves experiencing man for the first time.