eXtinction, the arresting five-minute-long film featuring eco model Summer Rayne Oakes and directed by Clayton Haskell, has made the film festival rounds, and is now available for all to see, in full, online (please be aware that due to some artful nudity, it is probably NSFW). The trailer below gives a peek, but it is well worth taking a few minutes to watch this phenomenal paean to the natural world that supports all life on Earth (which we often seem to forget). 


Trailer only above. To view the full film (NSFW), click here.


Below find an exerpt from the original interview I did with Summer about the film a year ago


MNN: Your movie tackles the mass extinction of species due to human action, which is similar in magnitude to geologically important events like the Permian or the K-T (which saw the demise of the dinosaurs). Many people don't know this is happening. Is this your way of drawing attention to this issue? Of all environmental topics to tackle visually, why this one? 

Summer Rayne Oakes: The film humanizes loss. It gives the viewer a way to contextualize the speed of ecosystem degradation by giving us a chilling reminder of our own mortality. It is my hope that the film will touch the viewer's soul by highlighting that which is most vulnerable.


You and your collaborators chose a simple storyline and arresting visuals for this short film. Why?

It is the combination of striking moving images, timeless music, and a powerful message that gives the viewer of this film a spiritual experience. It is meant to be concise and direct; It neither indulges in excessive pedantry nor proselytizes an environmental ideology. It simply reveals the beauty of our natural world and what we stand to lose within a lifetime. 


To read the full interview with Summer Rayne Oakes, click here.

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eXtinction film featuring Summer Rayne Oakes now online
An environmental art film that can't help but make you think.