The organization Plug In America has released a new PSA covering the "greenwashing" of oil companies and the benefits of driving an electric car — and, oh yes, it features Fabio.

The male model, surnamed Lanzoni, has only about 10 seconds of screen time and zero dialogue, but still manages to sneak in a gleaming smile and some of his trademark flowing locks.

“We needed someone who was the epitome of handsome, manly and suave,” says Plug In America board member Alexandra Paul, who produced the PSA. ”Fabio happens to own a lot of fast cars and motorcycles and was very impressed with the high performance of the Tesla in which he was driven to the set.”

The video, which spoofs the "Mac vs PC" ads of old, is one of seven that will will be released every three weeks through February and will aim to educate viewers about some of the benefits of electric cars — like fewer maintenance costs and performance capabilities.

No word yet on if Fabio will make another cameo, but according to Paul, he's still got the charm. "Yes, he still has that magnetism,” Paul told the NY Times. “I cannot explain it, but the man's still got it."

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Fabio rocks new electric car PSA
Because if there's anything electric cars need, it's more Fabio.