Planet Green's critically praised new reality show, "The Fabulous Beekman Boys", may just be getting a little too "real" for some people.

The show, which follows two gay men from Manhattan and their adventures living the farm life, jolted viewers with the graphic butchering of two beloved pigs, Porky and Bess.

"I have watched this show from the beginning and after last night's episode, I was so disgusted, I had to turn it off," wrote one upset fan. "A lot of my friends have said the same thing and will stop watching the show like me. It is a shame because all of us really liked the show."

"I think I was OK with the demise of Porky and Bess," wrote another on the show's Facebook page, "until they showed their dead little faces."

On the flip side, however, some people appreciated the boys showing the truth of where our food comes from.

"This is an emotionally charged issue, but I come down firmly on the side of family farmers who raise meat locally and humanely," wrote Linda. "I would rather see an animal live a happy life as pasture bred and then killed for meat than see it die of disease or predators, which is what happens to most farm animal pets."

What did you think of the episode? Was it educational for you to see the process of a pig being killed humanely — or was it a gratuitous display unnecessary for television? Should we expose ourselves more to the ugly truth of how meat ends up on our tables? 

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'Fabulous Beekman Boys' spark outrage over pig kill
Fans upset that farming reality show went through with killing of "Porgie and Bess".