While "South Park" still holds the crown in addressing Japan's annual whale and dolphin slaughter, last Sunday evening's "Family Guy" also took a moment to slam the practice. 


The episode, "Be Careful What You Fish For", featured guest voice Ricky Gervais as an "annoying dolphin" that befriends Peter and ultimately ends up living with his family. At one point, Japanese news anchor Tricia Takanawa shows up at the front door and requests permission to "harpoon his dolphin". It's an obvious reference to the bloody hunts that take place each year in Japan and the subject of the Academy Award-winning film "The Cove."


There's also some reference to ocean pollution towards the end of the show. Gervais, an animal advocate himself, said he was absolutely delighted to lend his voice for the episode. "It was such a joy working with the team and I really like the way my character looks too," he said. 


Check out the harpoon clip below. 



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