Edited photo of a tree looks like it has a beard and hat

All photos: Elido Turco/Flickr

'Dream Creatures'

Have you ever walked through the woods and felt like someone was watching you? Italian photographer Elido Turco takes this concept to the next level with his images that turn tree bark into caricatures. Many of his fantastical images use simple concepts of mirror imaging to create elaborate beings that seem to come straight from J.R.R. Tolkien's books or Jim Henson's sketches. These silly, serious and often creepy trees each have their own personality — so let your imagination run wild as you tour Turco's eccentric tree portraits:

* * * 
A tree face in the leaves

"Fedele" | Faithful

* * * 
Tree's knot looks like it has a face

"Sensitiva" | Sensitive

* * * 
Textured tree bark looking like it has a face


* * * 
Dark tree wood and moss forms a face


"The name Jôf or Lôf, originates in the 15th century when the woods around Flagogna were infested with herds of wandering wolves that attacked the sheep and sometimes even the pastor," reads Turco's description for this character (translated into English.)

* * * 
Goblin-like tree face

"Juglans regia" | English walnut

* * * 
Tree has a splash of color, looks like a face


* * * 
Leaves sprout like hair out of this tree face


* * * 
This tree has a chubby face

"Perplesso" | Puzzled

* * * 
This face in the tree is frowning

"Fidati" | Trust

* * * 
Tree resembling laughing woman


* * * 
Grumpy looking tree face

"Rughe di saggezza" | Wrinkles of wisdom

* * * 
Tree face called Kuk


* * * 
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