"Free Birds," the new animated film featuring the voices of Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson, is partnering with Farm Sanctuary on the organization's annual Adopt A Turkey campaign

While Farm Sanctuary has traditionally hooked up with celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Ginnifer Goodwin and Shannon Elizabeth to help raise awareness of the plight of turkeys, Hollywood basically gift-wrapped them a spokesperson in "Free Birds." The movie tells the story of two turkeys, Reggie and Jake, who travel back in time to take turkey off the first Thanksgiving menu — and save billions of lives going forward.   

“After more than 25 years of caring for rescued turkeys through our Adopt a Turkey Project, we’re delighted to team up with Reggie and Jake this Thanksgiving,” says Farm Sanctuary President and Co-founder Gene Baur. “We hope their amazing adventure will inspire even more people to adopt a turkey as part of their holiday tradition.”

While "Free Birds" is currently being roasted by critics (23 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), audience approval has been more encouraging (70 percent on RT) and BoxOfficeMojo has the film headed for a potential solid $20M+ opening weekend. The movie certainly won't appeal to all (One critic said he would not take his kids to see it for the sole reason that it might ruin their Thanksgiving dinner), but I'm sure there will be plenty of families out there interested in adopting a real life Reggie or Jake afterwards. 

“Here at Farm Sanctuary, we live with turkeys, so we know they are interesting and intelligent and have complex emotional lives like dogs, cats and other animals," said Baur. "Sadly, the meat industry subjects turkeys to intolerable cruelty and treats them like inanimate objects with no feelings or personalities. Fortunately, each one of us can choose not to support this cruelty by adopting a turkey at Thanksgiving instead of eating one.”

If you're interested in saving a turkey this Thanksgiving, check out Farm Sanctuary's adoption page here. For a one-time gift of $30, donors will receive a special Adopt a Turkey certificate with a color photo of and fun details about their new (and grateful) friend.

Check out a trailer for "Free Birds" below. 

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Farm Sanctuary and 'Free Birds' partner on turkey adoption
New film features 2 time-traveling turkeys attempting to change history and keep their species off the Thanksgiving menu.