I’ve seen a lot of movies this summer, and most of them have had superheroes in tights, cars that transformed into fighting robots, or apes that could speak. I am most definitely the mom of two boys. The one film that I’ve seen because it was my pick was one the wonderful “Chef,” starring Jon Favreau.

(If you haven’t had the opportunity to see “Chef,” I’m sure it will be available to download or buy soon. If you love food, or you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, or you have kids — or like kids — or you have a heart, you need to see it. And, when you’re done watching it, you’re going to have a strong desire to follow your passions — and eat a really well-made Cuban sandwich.)

While “Chef” was the foodie movie of the spring/summer season, this weekend is your first chance to see the foodie movie of the late summer/early fall season, “The Hundred Foot Journey.” It’s based on the best-selling novel of the same name and stars Helen Mirren. Here’s the premise: When an Indian family is traveling through the South of France and their van breaks down, they decide to stay and open an Indian restaurant. The location they choose is directly across from an existing restaurant — a Michelin-starred French restaurant owned by Helen Mirren. Her character is not amused. 

I haven’t seen the film yet, and I’m not going to bother reading critics' reviews (How often do you agree with them, anyway?), but I’m definitely going to try to catch it in the next week. So far it has three things going for it: food, Helen Mirren, and the South of France. 

“The Hundred Foot Journey” opens on Aug. 8. Is seeing it on your end-of-summer “must-do” list? It’s on mine.

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