Forget the "Star Wars" dogs, the Puppy Bowl, or anything to do with the annual awfulness that is GoDaddy.com's ridiculous ads - this year's Super Bowl belongs firmly to Ferris Bueller. 


The iconic character from the 1986 film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is set to make a triumphant return as part of a massive (and massively expensive) commercial from Honda. Naturally, Matthew Broderick is back - and the Internet virtually exploded yesterday when a teaser ad made the rounds hinting at the awesomness ahead. 


"How can I handle work on day like today," says Broderick. Followed by the memorable bow-bow-chik-chika-chika sound effect.


Jalopnik has the scoop on what we can expect saying: 


"The source also added that the spot was going to mimic much of the original film, except this time prominently featuring Hondas. The big jump the two valets do in Cameron's dad's Ferrari? We hear this time it's going to be a Honda CR-V."


Even better? The source says that "The Hangover" writer/director Todd Phillips was hired to put it all together.


The teaser ad currently has over 1.1M view on Youtube. Check it out below. 


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Ferris Bueller is back for the Super Bowl
Matthew Broderick set to jump back into the shoes of the iconic 80's High School hero for new Honda ad.