J.J. Abrams, the same guy who twisted our minds with "Lost" and reinvented the spy genre with "Alias," is set to plunge the world into darkness by robbing it of electricity. 


The filmmaker is one of three names listed as executive producer for NBC's new series "Revolution." The show takes place 15 years after an unexplained phenomenon has crippled the world, effectively shutting down anything dependent on electricity. Jon Favreau, the same guy responsible for the "Iron Man" movies, is directing the pilot episode.


"The feeling was that there was a whole younger generation that grew up without power," he recently said about the film's setting, "and that when nature begins to reclaim what we’ve built, whether it’s cities, you see the city of Chicago 15 years after it’s been all but abandoned, you see that the plants start to grow back over things and there’s a lushness and a greenness, and the green shoots of new life that have come over society, so it’s kind of an interesting, different spin on it that was something, we had really did and planned for and discussed."


Indeed, some of the short scenes featured in the trailer look like an updated version of the History Channel's "Life After People," which explored just how quickly our modern world would be overtaken by nature in our absence. If anything, "Revolution" will clearly point out just how dependent we are on electricity to drive present-day society — and the consequences of taking it for granted. 


Check out a four-minute trailer for the new series below. "Revolution" hits NBC this fall. 


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