Sarah Palin's new reality series on TLC is getting ready to roll this coming November -- and this preview of the controversial series should be enough to convince you to stay away. Far away.

The 8-part miniseries, for which the former Governor was reportedly paid upwards of $250,000 per episode, follows the Palin family as they tour the state of Alaska and extol its natural beauty. This would be great and all -- if you actually had someone with a genuine passion for the environment -- but in Palin, we have a woman well-known for the opposite. Her abysmal environmental record, not to mention continued assaults against environmentalists on Twitter and Facebook, only further reinforces the lunacy of giving this woman a show with a nature theme.

Oh yea, and then there's that whole aerial wolf hunting issue.

Trailer below. Proceed with caution.

Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

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