Originally planned for release in 2013, we're finally getting our first look at director Kelly Reichardt's eco-terrorism thriller "Night Moves."

The film tells the story of three passionate environmentalists (played by Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard) who turn to radical activism with a plot to blow up a hydroelectric dam. In an interview last year, Eisenberg said he spent months working on an organic farm and living in a yurt in Southern Oregon in preparation for the role. 

"It just gives you a different sense of living. When you are planting the food that you eat, you feel a direct sense with interacting with the world for practical reasons, and alternatively you are feeling disgusted by a lot of modernity just by being separate from it. That is what my character believes in."

According to IMDB, we can expect "Night Moves" to potentially hit the U.S. in limited release starting May 30th. Check out the international trailer below. 

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First trailer for eco-thriller 'Night Moves' arrives
Dramatic film focuses on three radical environmentalists and their plot to blow up a hydroelectric dam.