World Oceans Day happens June 8 — and you can celebrate it by catching a movie! The End Of The Line, an environmental documentary narrated by Ted Danson that the digs in to the effects of overfishing, will be screened at venues across the country from June 5 - 8, before hitting the theaters June 19.

If you’re already a Sustainable Seafood card-carrying environmentalist, you’ll know about some of the issues in The End of the Line: Collapsing fisheries, imminent extinction of fish species, potential for human starvation. The film puts all these issues together — while taking you everywhere from Senegal to Tokyo — then proposes solutions to this international problem that, according to the film’s website, are “simple and doable,” but require “political will and activism.”

Find a screening near you. If you can’t make it to a screening, The End of the Line comes to theaters in New York and Los Angeles June 19, then opens in cities across the country in the coming weeks.

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Fish film for World Oceans Day
Celebrate World Oceans Day by watching a screening of <i>The End of the Line</i>, a new eco-documentary narrated by Ted Danson.