As Fisker Automotive gets ready to push into production its highly anticipated $80,000 luxury-hybrid Karma, the online marketing surrounding the vehicle is also raising the heat.

In a new short film on the official site, the sex pretty much drips off the tight curves of the Karma; especially when a lady in black stilettos slides an ice cube along it. I kid you not. Even the music has a decidedly '70s porno vibe to it.

According to Fisker, both the ads and film are meant to show that "eco-consciousness is sexy."

"We wanted to redefine automobile industry interactive design with a fluid experience that is rooted in Fisker's leading-edge design, environmental consciousness, performance and sensuous luxury," said Marti Eulberg, Fisker's vice president of global sales and marketing.

Using sex to sell cars is nothing new, of course. But it's definitely something that hasn't been as tightly woven into cars with a green heartbeat. Generally, firms like Toyota and Honda have chosen to sell vehicles based on their feel-good environmental cred — and less on the potential feel-good of another kind.

Fisker says initial orders of the Karma will ship later this year — with full production expected to start in early 2011. For more information — and to view the sexy new film, jump here.

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