Morgan Freeman may have ruled the celebrity beekeeper headlines last summer, but this year? It's all about Flea, baby!

The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Michael Balzary, aka Flea, has been lighting up social media over the last several weeks with images and declarations of love for his three hives of honeybees.

With each hive containing more than 100,000 bees, Flea is certainly nurturing a healthy number of pollinators for his estate in California. Depending on the type of species of honeybee, location, and weather conditions, each hive is capable of producing anywhere from 75 pounds to 200 pounds of honey. In 2011, the White House honeybees delivered an astounding 225 pounds of honey.

While Flea has taken to suiting up when inspecting the hive, Freeman told Jimmy Fallon last year that he really doesn't need to. The bees, like everyone else, just really like him.

"I've not ever used (the beekeeping hat) with my bees," he said of the 26 hives on his ranch in Mississippi. "They haven't (stung me) yet, because right now I'm not trying to harvest honey or anything, I'm just feeding them ... I think they understand, 'Hey, don't bother this guy, he's got sugar water here.'"

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