If you're looking for a challenge that not only includes 15 minutes of fame, but also the opportunity to test your survival skills and build a new civilization, Fox's new reality series "Utopia" may just be the opportunity you've been waiting for.

Whereas other reality shows run their course over a few months, this new series - described as an "ambitious social experiment" - will last an entire year; placing 15 people in a remote location and tasking them with starting from scratch.

"The series offers people from all walks of life the chance to start all over again and re-write the rules of civilization as we know it," Fox EVP of alternative entertainment Simon Andreae said earlier this year. "It addresses fascinating and fundamental questions about human law, morality and social structures, wrapped in an irresistible and truly forward-thinking television format."

A new casting website for the series has just gone live, searching for candidates who "are passionate, great at what they do, and also have the ideas and problem-solving skills needed for starting up a new society." And it's not just farmers and doctors the creators are looking for - but also, oddly enough, tech entreprenuers.

"I'm reaching out to people in the entrepreneur/business community to see if they would be interested in being apart of the show since they would obviously have a lot of ideals and qualities that would be useful when creating a new society," writes Lisa Guillen in an email published by Valleywag.

Think you have the time and ambition to make this happen? Hit the casting page here to apply. A promo video for the series is below.

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Fox now casting for its year-long reality series 'Utopia'
Think you have what it takes to start over and help rebuild civilization?