3840672338 9144e9309a m Green bikini clad models will wash your hybrid free 8/25Prius preeners: Want your car scrubbed down by green bikini-clad models with eco-friendly waterless cleaners — for free? Then find a reason to carpool over to the southeast corner of Highland Avenue and Franklin Avenue in Hollywood on Tues., Aug. 25 from 10 a.m. - noon!

There, a quintet of bikini models will be awaiting your arrival, ready to clean up your eco-ride with a waterless car wash. Caveat: Your car must be an electric or hybrid car! No car washes for gas guzzlers!

The free washes come courtesy of Angry Green Girl, a new eco-friendly site that’ll be celebrating its launch with the event. According to the PR rep, Angry Green Girl will be “a brash, sexy and hilarious green lifestyle destination” featuring “hot girls telling you how to save the environment through webisodes, product reviews, etc.”

Are bikini-clad models really what’ll get people interested in environmental issues? The pre-launch site brags about “shamelessly exploiting everything I got to save our world” — a statement that’ll make many an environmentalist raise a skeptical eyebrow — though I’m guessing the free car washes and the attendant models will prove popular. I’m curious to see what Angry Green Girl will look like once it actually launches –

Image courtesy of Angry Green Girl

Free bikini car wash for hybrid drivers
A new eco-site called Angry Green Girl will launch by offering free eco-car washes by green bikini-clad models.