3878752404 9d0c7890b6 m Film Review: No Impact ManHaven’t seen No Impact Man yet? Then catch a free screening of the film — about No Impact Man Colin Beavan and his family’s efforts to bring their carbon footprint down to zero — right before the holidays and get motivated to buy less and enjoy life more this season.

The free screenings are organized thanks to No Impact Man’s No Impact Project, which has joined forces with the nonprofit Center for a New American Dream to show the films to people across the U.S. during the two weeks of the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, from Dec. 7–18. Why watch the film in December? Writes Colin:
Every year, growing numbers of us are unhappy with the shopping frenzy that surrounds the holidays, but most of us don’t know how to get off the treadmill. What if we worked together to find another way to celebrate?
After the screenings, you’ll get to talk holiday spending, environmentalism and personal happiness with your neighbors. Find a screening near you on this list — or sign up to host your own event by emailing stephanie@noimpactproject.org.

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Free screenings of 'No Impact Man' in December
Catch a free screening of 'No Impact Man' near you and talk with your neighbors about happier, greener holiday celebrations.