Rachel Carson’s bestselling book Silent Spring helped ban DDT and inspired the modern environmental movement when the book was published in 1962. Now, a new film about Rachel’s life may inspire more budding environmentalists. Next month, A Sense of Wonder will be shown at 100 FREE screenings across the U.S. as part of National Women’s History Month.

According to the film’s description, A Sense of Wonder “depicts Rachel Carson in the last year of her life, as she battles cancer and the chemical industry and focuses her final energy on getting her message to Congress and the American people in the wake of publishing Silent Spring.”

Check A Sense of Wonder’s website to find a screening near you — and enjoy the free show! If you can’t make it to a showing, you can buy a DVD copy of this 55-minute film starting March 1.

Image: Courtesy A Sense of Wonder

Free screenings of Rachel Carson film
"A Sense of Wonder," a new film based on Rachel Carson's life, will be shown at 100 free screenings across the U.S.