While many across the world marked last Sunday's summer solstice with quiet observation or, as was the case in the U.S., in celebration of Father's Day, two pranksters in the United Kingdom decided to honor it with 30 derelict refrigerators. 

The pair, Kevin Wildeman and Paul Stone, own a secondhand goods store in Maidstone, Kent. When an acquaintance earlier last week remarked that the solstice was approaching, Wildeman thought it would be funny to put some old fridges in the back to good use. 

"We got up at 3am on Friday and spent three hours building it," Wildeman told the Mirror of their tribute to Stonehenge. "We've had one neighbour who wasn't very happy but everyone else has really got into the spirit of it and had a bit of a laugh."

Fridgehenge's appearance came as more than 20,000 Druids, Wiccans, tourists, and many more descended Sunday on the actual Stonehenge on Britain’s Salisbury Plain. At 4:52 a.m., the sun rose in near perfect alignment with the Heel Stone, a single large block just outside the world famous stone circle. 
As for Fridgehenge, its creators say they aren't exactly sure how long they'll keep it standing. 

"I don't know when it will be taken down, it depends on what the council think," Wildeman told Kent Online. "The first person who walked past said it was an eyesore but everyone else has been really positive."

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'Fridgehenge' briefly appears to mark the summer solstice
Pranksters in the U.K. used 30 refrigerators to build the mock 'Stonehenge' monument.