We finally have a better glimpse of the plot for director Zal Batmanglij's eco-thriller "The East." 

The film, starring Ellen Page ("Inception) and Alexander Skarsgard ("True Blood,") tells the story of an anarchist group that seek justice for corporate environmental wrongs — and the private intelligence agent who infiltrates their ranks. Whereas the previous trailer offered something of a PSA by the eco-terrorist group — this latest fleshes out a bit more of actress Brit Marling's efforts to find and ultimately bring down the organization. 

As I mentioned previously, perhaps the most surprising thing about "The East" is just how good it is. Environmental dramas aren't generally known for being refreshing — but Batmanglij has apparently managed to create something truly gripping and entertaining. 

"'The East' may not make you pick up an environmental cause, but it probably will make you think about whom, if anyone, is out there to help the defenseless," writes Emily Estep in a review. "There’s certainly a line between activism and terrorism, but it can be absurdly discreet, as captivatingly proven in this film."

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Full trailer for eco-thriller 'The East' arrives
New film starring Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard focuses on an eco-terrorist group and the agent sent to infiltrate them.