When "Game of Thrones" scribe George R.R. Martin dreamed up a fight scene involving someone nicknamed "The Mountain That Rides," producers of HBO's hit adaptation knew they'd have to find someone physically gigantic to do justice to the role. 

Enter Iceland's Hafthor Bjornsson, a professional strongman who just barely missed out on earning the title of "World's Strongest Man" in this year's international competition. Weighing over 400 pounds and towering 6 feet 9 inches, the 25-year-old had never acted before receiving a call from HBO last year. 

“HBO contacted me and called me in for an audition,” Bjornsson said in a recent Reddit AMA. “During the audition I lifted a guy up (well he asked me to), and they were really impressed. They said they were also impressed by the way I move, because I am very quick and powerful.”

In terms of diet, Bjornsson's appetite makes Hugh Jackman's Wolverine eating regimen look tame in comparison. 

“I consume around 10,000 calories per day,” he said. “It varies a lot though, depending on whether I am working as an actor or to compete in the World’s Strongest Man or the like.”

Expect Bjornsson to get more "Thrones" screen time next week. In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, here's a video of him throwing a washing machine more than 15 feet. 

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'Game of Thrones' actor is also the world's 2nd strongest man
Iceland's Hafthor Bjornsson, who measures 6 foot 9 inches, consumes around 10,000 calories per day.