Maisie Williams, who plays the fierce Arya Stark on HBO's "Game of Thrones," has apparently met her match in a tablespoon of cinnamon. 


The 15-year-old actress appears in a new camera phone video accepting the "cinnamon challenge," with results that mimic those of thousands of others who have taken the dare. 


While the challenge is meant in good fun, medical professionals warn that there are dangers associated with ingesting so much of the spice — with the most immediate being spitting, gagging, coughing and even vomiting. 


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Those suffering from asthma should certainly pass, though anyone could potentially inhale enough cinnamon to cause some nasty respiratory inflammation. 


“People who cough that hard can have problems that can range from collapsing a lung to having lungs that get really inflamed, or pulmonary edema,” Dr. Russell Migita, clinical director of emergency services at Seattle Children’s Hospital told the "Today" show.


Have you taken the challenge or know someone who has? Have a look at Williams' attempt below: 



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