Last week's episode of "Game of Thrones" not only introduced to us to a character once thought only legend, but also served as the cameo for a furry character now quickly growing in legend. Well, at least in the holy circles of online cat worship. 

Yay, I doth speaketh of Ser Pounce, thy furry feline of Prince Tommen Baratheon, future King of the Seven Kingdoms. The cat's appearance last week on the bed of Prince Tommen has sparked online adoration, a (naturally) parody Twitter account, and something of a respite from the "everyone is going to die" feeling of dread each episode conveys. Sadly, an HBO rep recently confirmed to Variety that the beloved Ser Pounce will not be returning for any future episodes of the fourth season - and potentially the rest of the series. 

The hilarious backlash against a lack of future appearances has gotten to the point that even MTV has joined in on the fun with an article titled "8 ‘Game of Thrones’ Plotlines That Could Bring Back Ser Pounce".

While Ser Pounce is mentioned in future "Thrones" books by George RR Martin, it's unclear whether producers will respond in kind to satiate cat fans. According to Ser Pounce, however, he still has one big role to play. 

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'Game of Thrones' cat Ser Pounce not likely to return
Westeros' most famous feline will not appear in any remaining episodes of season four. Which is good - because he'll stay alive.