Director Josh Fox may have lost out on an Oscar for his award-winning documentary, "Gasland," but that's not stopping him from continuing his fight against an industry he perceives as harmful to people and the environment.

Variety is reporting that the director has been shooting footage over the past several months for a sequel (and possible third film) to "Gasland," with HBO already on board to air the documentary when finished. As a result of efforts to get his film kicked out of the Academy Awards, Fox says the new film's focus will be on the gas industry's considerable influence in media and politics.

"This is an emergency," Fox told the site. "The water supply for millions is at risk."

Mark Ruffalo, the most famous name attached to anti-fracking activism, is also ramping up his efforts by partnering with Fox on a summer/fall concert series through his new Water Defense initiative. The hope is to raise awareness of the dangers of fracking on both the environment and in drinking water.

“Water is our most treasured resource, it’s the most basic element of life and not having access to clean and safe water changes everything,” said Ruffalo in a statement. “Look at the people of Dimock, Penn.; Pavillion, Wyo.; and Silt, Colo., and so on who can’t use the water coming out of their faucets and need to have their water delivered by a tractor trailer from miles away — that’s us. This is our America, and we’re not going to just let that continue to happen.”

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'Gasland' sequel coming to HBO
Director Josh Fox lands deal with network to premiere next film in what could become a trilogy of docs on the natural gas industry.