"Downton Abbey," the hugely popular (and soul-crushing) BBC period drama, could use a few drinks to help off-set its dour plot lines. And that's where George Clooney comes in.

The actor appeared during a nine-minute charity episode of the series for ITV's "Text Santa" campaign. Similar to "It's A Wonderful Life," the short featured Lord Grantham, with some help from an angel (Patsy Stone of "Absolutley Fabulous" fame), witnessing first-hand what would happen if he never existed. Instead, a certain George Oceans Gravity, Marquis of Hollywood (aka, Lord Hollywood) has taken over — and Downton is decidedly a more cheery place. 

"This is ridiculous," exclaims Lord Grantham after he watches Clooney organize what's likely the world's first selfie. "That man has the entire household behaving like fools!" 

ITV's Text Santa campaign raised a record $8.5 million thanks to Clooney, the cast of "Downton," and a host of other celebrities and entertainers. All of the money raised will be distributed to six U.K.-based charities. 

You can watch the hilarious short below. 

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George Clooney brings holiday cheer to 'Downton Abbey'
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