Like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did earlier this year with their own wedding photos, George Clooney and his new wife Amal Alamuddin are using the millions raised from the sale of the images of their nuptials to benefit charity. 

According to various sources, Clooney will direct a majority of the funds towards his Satellite Sentinel Project which since 2010 has been monitoring the skies above Sudan in an effort to keep notorious Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir in check. 

“It is our job to try and shine a light on those places,” he told reporters at the Venice Film Festival in 2013. “If it helps at all, it is worth it.”

In an effort to fund the many millions it takes to keep the satellite program running annually, Clooney regularly auctions off items (such as his Tesla Roadster or a red carpet date) and also recently launched his own charity tequila brand

Both People magazine and British tabloid Hello! were the top bidders for the wedding photos, with some estimates putting the shots worth somewhere between $4.6 million and $13 million.

One source close to the couple told TMZ: "Every photo in both magazines will be saving a life."

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George Clooney using wedding photos to help save lives
Actor, who recently tied the knot with Amal Alamuddin, will use proceeds from sales of the photos to benefit humanitarian efforts.