It’s true — I’ve been a bit obsessed with the bicycle lately, mainly because I finally brought my bike closer to home last week, making two-wheeling a readily-available option again. For those similarly obsessed — and artistically inclined — comes an opportunity to showcase your love of the bicycle creatively: The Bicycle Film Festival.

This annual event rolls into cities around the world, bringing bike themed films, art exhibits, musical performances, parties and of course, rides and other on-bike activities. In fact, Bicycle Film Festival Chicago begins tonight with a kick-off party at Beauty Bar!

It’s not too late to be part of Bicycle Film Festival 2011 though. Are you a bike-loving filmmaker? Submit your eco-transportation-friendly creation by April 1 to get your masterpiece considered for BFF’s future events. Submission’s free — and your film could get screened around the world, inspiring others to adopt a more active and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Get ready for the Bicycle Film Festival
The annual celebration bike culture will roll into cities around the world in 2011. Submit your bike-themed film to inspire present and future bicyclists.