3836335210 f57cf45b72 m One of my biggest enviro-heroes was on The Colbert Report on Monday. Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy — a book I LOVE — talked with Colbert about WTF the number 350 stands for exactly, and what’s going down Oct. 24.

Honestly, as much as I heart Bill, I really came to appreciate, through this clip, how skillful hosts like Colbert really have to be to keep things funny and engaging when talking about doom and gloom subjects like the potential for climate catastrophe. Watch and learn:
What exactly is 350? “350 parts per million is what many scientists, climate experts, and progressive national governments are now saying is the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere.” We’re actually above that right now — so the goal’s to get back to that level.

And on Oct. 24, everyone’s encouraged to rally for just that on an International Day of Climate Action. This day’s one of those grassroots, organize-an-event-yourself type dealios, like the Green The Block event. I’m actually going to be on a Carless in LA panel that day — more details later … What will YOU do?

If Colbert’s holding a “350 or bust” sign doesn’t convince Republicans that Colbert is, indeed, making fun of them, I’m not sure anything will.

Photo courtesy of 350.org

Get The Colbert Nation behind 350
Bill McKibben stops by <i>The Colbert Report</i> to reveal why the number 350 -- and 10/24 -- are so important for the environment.