Alicia Silverstone recently invited "Glee" actress Lea Michele to be a guest writer on her vegan/eco-themed site "The Kind Life" — and the 24-year-old's first article hit hard at the New York City horse-drawn carriage industry. 

"I know people may not understand — maybe they just want to take their kids for a ride through Central Park, but trust me, you'll do better for your kids if you take them for a walk!" she writes. "Sometimes I wish I could just go and set them free on some sunny field somewhere where they could just roam free and run around all day. I know that sounds cheesy but if you saw them, trust me, you would want to do the same."

Michele, who is a vegan and PETA supporter like Silverstone, cites the horses' working conditions and lack of proper food, water or care as reasons for abolishing the age-old tradition. 

"Like I said, some people just don't understand the severity of this situation, so it’s our job to spread the word in a loving way," she continues. "If you're traveling to NYC and see these sweet creatures, give them a pet and send them some love, and hope that this will end soon."

Want to learn more about the issue? Check out the documentary "Blinders" directed by activist Donny Moss. Jump here to read Lea's entire post.

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'Glee' star Lea Michele hits Alicia Silverstone's blog
Vegan actress writes guest post urging people not to support horse-drawn carriage rides through New York City's Central Park.