"Jurassic World," the fourth film in the Jurassic Park franchise, is currently filming in Hawaii - and the "Today" show was there to give us an early sneak peek behind-the-scenes. 

"I feel like Jurassic Park was our generation's Star Wars — it's a really big deal," actress Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays the character Beth in the film, told "Today."

As we've learned from past reveals, "Jurassic World" takes place some 22-years after the events of the first film; with John Hammond's dream of a dinosaur theme park finally a reality.

"People from around the world, 20,000 visitors a day, come to see the dinosaurs and see the several attractions," Chris Pratt, who plays a dinosaur trainer in film, says. "It's been around long enough to where attendance starts to fall off a little bit. So they've decided to come up with a new attraction to bring even more people in. You're never gonna believe it, but it doesn't go well." 

A few weeks ago, after someone from the set leaked the plot, director Colin Trevorrow confirmed just what that "new attraction" is. He also decried people spoiling the film in advance of seeing it in the theater. 

"That’s the thing about leaks, sometimes they aren’t misinterpreted or false," he said. "They’re real story elements that the filmmakers were hoping to introduce to the audience in a darkened movie theater. But unfortunately, in 2014, you read about it on a computer. Last week was discouraging for everyone on our crew–not because we want to hide things from the fans, but because we’re working so hard to create something full of surprises. When I was a kid, you got to discover everything at once, it washed over you and blew your mind. Now it only takes one person to spoil it for everyone else."

Needless to say, there's not much spoiled in "Today's" behind-the-scenes look - but we do have a bit more information on how involved executive producers Steven Spielberg is in the film. 

"Words of wisdom, every day," says Trevorrow. "He'll send ideas and he'll draw out ideas on pads of paper, and I'll shoot them."

Check out the "Today" show's visit to "Jurassic World" below. 

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