First announced back in 2011, Disney and director James Cameron have finally given the world a glimpse of the ambitious "Avatar Land" theme park set for construction in 2014. 

"In my wildest imagination growing up, I don't think I could have ever envisioned the day where something I created would live inside a Disney theme park," Cameron said in a video shown to D23 Expo attendees. "This project has been a perfect collaboration from the start. We share resources, digital assets and the talents of some the world's most creative designers from both our companies."

The concept renders released show some of the attractions that will be available to visitors - including a boat ride through the jungles of Pandora, waterfalls pouring over what appear to be the film's famous floating mountains, and plenty of bioluminescent foliage after sunset. Of course, the main attraction will likely be the giant (and visually impressive) "Tree of Souls." 

"We know that Disney fans and Avatar fans want to visit this beautiful planet of Pandora and they will. They will fly across the planet on the wings of one of those giant creatures, they will go into the bioluminescent forest full of these glorious glowing plants," Walt Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde said. "Above and beyond the key attractions, the land of Pandora itself is filled with experiences the land comes to life when you interact with it and seems to be a living creature itself."

"Avatar Land" is currently slated for a 2017 opening. 

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Gorgeous 'Avatar Land' concept unveiled for Disney World
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