Tired of getting crappy, holiday gifts instantly destined for the trash bin or closet? So is Billie Joe Armstrong. The lead singer for the popular rock group Green Day has partnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to urge people to consider some greener alternatives this year. 


"Being a non-conformist, I break a lot of sh*t," says Armstrong in the PSA with his wife, Adrienne Armstrong. "So this holiday season," says Adrienne, "I can't buy a lot of sh*t that he'll just end up breaking." 


The couple recommends that viewers check out the NRDC's Green Gifts campaign, which features sponsorship opportunities like a Whale Nursery ($50), an NRDC attorney to fight polluters ($50) or a Buffalo Babysitter ($15). 


"No matter what their interests or passions: from protecting wolves to saving whales, from planting a rain forest to promoting renewable energy … and no matter what your budget … you will find the perfect gift," the site reads. 


Upon purchase, the NRDC will send the recipient a customized card featuring the image of the green gift you've chosen and a personal note. As Billie Joe notes, these are all wonderful gifts that won't break and "aren't the usual sh*t."


Check out the PSA below. 


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Green Day rocker urges green gifts
Billie Joe Armstrong partners with NRDC to promote holiday giving that makes the world a better place.