Playboy Playmates and pre-teen hip-hop artists aren’t the first people that come to my mind when I think of green celebs — but both Norwegian Playboy Playmate Lillian Müller and pre-teen hip-hop star Lil Maxso will be part of the next eco-themed film festival happening in Los Angeles.

The fourth annual Green Lifestyle Film Festival promises a weekend of inspiring eco-themed films, healthy food and creative entertainment. Happening March 19–21 at the James Bridges Theater at the University of California, Los Angeles, GLFF will kick off with a green carpet event on Friday evening, with celebrity hosts Australian model and actress Joanne Rose and Mad TV comedienne and actress Debra Wilson Skelton.

Throughout the weekend, an outdoor arena will feature live food demos, eco-themed booths, and entertainment — all free and open to the public. Attendees will be able to contribute to a vegetarian food drive benefiting the Westside Food Bank.

And of course, there will be films. The lineup features full-length documentaries, animated cartoons, and short films a variety of eco-topics, ranging from the popular green documentary FUEL to a short film on diaper-free child-rearing!

A full weekend pass to the festival — including the closing Gala Awards Dinner and Dance — costs $195, but day, half day, and individual event passes are also available for $25–$65.

Green film fest with unusual eco-celebs
Green Lifestyle Film Festival will bring together a Mad TV comedienne, a Playboy Playmate, and a pre-teen hip hop star.