‘Tis the season for year-end lists, and one of my favorites comes from the blog Regret the Error. This year’s “Crunks 2009: The Year in Media Errors and Corrections” is full of hilarious and horrifying mistakes made in mainstream media reporting — and the ensuing corrections (via Utne).

And as green news has been hitting the headlines more frequently, perhaps it comes as no surprise that many of these headlines are eco-themed! Here’s one from the West Australian about talkative treehuggers:
Green gaffe: There’s little doubt eco-warriors love a good chat as much as a tree hug, but our digitally dyslexic reporter’s creation of a new organisation was a revelation for verbose greenies (Recycling record comes under fire, page 18, March 23). It is more apt, of course, to discuss recycling with the Conservation Council than with the loquacious Conversation Council.
Organic gardeners eager for exotic fertilizer will find this one from The Guardian (U.K.) informative:
A reply to a question in Notes & Queries yesterday recommended purchasing lion and tiger urine from Chester Zoo to stop neighbourhood cats from urinating in a vegetable patch (G2, page 17). Chester Zoo would like to forestall requests for its big cats’ urine: it asks us to make clear that it does not in fact sell either tiger or lion urine. Many years ago the zoo sold elephant dung, but it no longer does.
And health-conscious MNN readers will be relieved to read this correction from The Sunday Paper (Georgia):
An earlier version of this story incorrectly described Buffington’s special support hose as “mercury-lined.” The hose are mercury-gauged, meaning that barometric mercury is used to measure the compression of the hose. They are not mercury-lined which would, of course, make them poisonous. I regret the error. — SR
One of the funniest ones, IMHO, comes from my city’s paper The Los Angeles Times, which rather humorously reports on the strange new clashes between people and animals in a shrinking natural world:
Bear sighting: An item in the National Briefing in Sunday’s Section A said a bear wandered into a grocery story in Hayward, Wis., on Friday and headed for the beer cooler. It was Thursday.
Read more from Regret the Error to spend the rest of your Friday laughing. Of course, the biggest green media gaffe of all this year came from The Yes Men, who put out a fake edition of the New York Post — with all true news….
Green gaffes and laughs
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