One of the great things about kids is that its pretty easy to get them to care about their natural environment (in fact, they often have a greater connection and understanding about pollution and the importance of animals and their habitats than adults do). One way to keep them learning and caring about the environment that they will inherit is to supply them with great toys and texts (as well as plenty of outdoor experiences). 


If you're looking for a great gift for the kid in your life, rainforest activist and designer Beth Doane's brand-new "From The Jungle: Stories and Original Art From Children Living in Rainforests" uses kids' original drawings to illustrate environmental principles and tell personal stories: "In a wonderfully educational journey for young readers, Winnie, Mariela, and Pablo share how they experience the world's demand for the rich, natural resources found in their homelands and suggest simple ways we can all save our rainforests."

Whether you'd like to increase their knowledge about the natural world, or show the perspectives of children growing up in other countries, this book will get kids thinking about something other than themselves and their beeping electronics—even if just for a little while. (And as a bonus, each book purchased will result in a tree planted!)

"From The Jungle: Stories and Original Art From Children Living in Rainforests" by Beth Doane is that book. 


About author Beth Doane: 

 Beth was just 22 when she created her first fashion company and launched exclusive European brands across the United States. For most girls this would have been a dream job but Beth was witnessing a side of fashion most people never see. She was devastated by the child labor, human rights violations and toxic chemicals used in  production and was inspired to create her own line that gives back, called RainTees. 


RainTees donates schools supplies to children around the world and features their artwork on each collection. For every RainTee sold a tree is planted.  Today RainTees has planted more than 30,000 trees and donated school supplies to children in more than 28 countries.  


Beth speaks nationally about her journey from fashion runways to saving rainforests and the power of creating a social business. Her work has been featured in National Geographic, InStyle, People Magazine and more and has inspired audiences around the world, from the United Nations to Google, TEDx and countless universities.

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Green gifts: A kids' book gift that educates and entertains
"From The Jungle: Stories and Original Art From Children Living in Rainforests" helps rebuild forests.