There have been countless articles, plenty of celebrity gossip and even (naturally) a TV show about bridezillas, but as more men get involved in planning their wedding days, the control-freak tendencies of brides are now showing up in guys. With couples both working and quite often paying for their own nuptial celebrations, the trend towards guys getting into (and sometimes even taking over) planning has come to the fore. 

Whether it is being obsessive about the music, the guest list or the honeymoon destination, (see the graphic below; these are, apparently the areas where men are most likely to influence — and maybe disagree with — brides), men are making their wedding-day needs known. And because people are people, some of them might be doing so in such a way that's, well, maybe a little crazy. Mostly, this seems to be a good trend, since guys are getting involved with what is their "big day" too. But it behooves everyone to remember that control freak beahavior is never pretty (or handsome). 

Have you seen any groomzilla behavior? 

Groomzilla infographic

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