Publishers have wasted little time in signing authors eager to write about the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.

According to a NY Times piece, six stories related to the Gulf oil spill have been acquired — with even more proposals circulating. One book is even expected to hit stands this coming September, while the others will most likely stream into stores somewhere near the first anniversary of the disaster.

“With a story of this magnitude and importance, there are going to be any number of books," Mitch Hoffman, an executive editor at Grand Central Publishing, told the Times. "I was hearing consistent chatter inside of the first few days of when Deepwater Horizon went under.”

Publishers are doing their best to avoid overlap with different angles on the disaster. For example, one book will cover the spill as "part of a larger pattern of corporate cost-cutting and image-making that has compromised safety across BP’s operations for years.” Another will provide a "definitive account” of the explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon — "a page-turning adventure narrative that pits engineers against the earth, blue-collar roughnecks against an invisible corporate presence, but ultimately it is a story that finds them all struggling to survive the same unimaginable accident.”

Perhaps the greatest fear for publishers scrambling to release books on the disaster is that people will experience "oil spill fatigue". With constant news and images of the spill flooding the media, the topic may be something readers look to avoid, rather than embrace.

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Gulf oil spill books on the horizon
At least six titles are in development - with one expected to be ready by September.