The first trailer for the third film in "The Hangover" franchise has been released, and if you enjoyed the first two films, you'll likely be thoroughly entertained. 

One group that may not be so thrilled are animal activists — particularly if they watch the end of the trailer, when a giraffe purchased by one of the main characters meets an unfortunate end on an expressway. It's clearly all computer-generated, but who knows? PETA may bite anyways. 

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Back in 2011, director Todd Phillips caused a bit of outrage after he said in an interview that Crystal the capuchin, the star monkey of "The Hangover 2," had become addicted to cigarettes during the shoot

“I wanted the monkey to smoke so we had to train her to," said Phillips. "Now I have PETA after me because the monkey’s become addicted to cigarettes. She was just shooting Cameron Crowe’s movie 'We Bought A Zoo.' And the monkey won’t stop smoking.”

Phillips later admitted his comments were nothing but a joke, saying that on press junkets, he just likes to "mix it up with the journalists." 

Check out "The Hangover 3" trailer below. 

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