For the second time, theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking will be featured on a Pink Floyd album. A leaked list of the full album credits for the band's upcoming release of "The Endless River" credits Hawking's voice on a track called "Talkin' Hawkin'." 

While it's unclear how much of Hawking's synthesized speech will feature on the track, we do know that "Endless River" is something of a re-mix of material recorded during sessions for "The Division Bell," Floyd's 1994 album. For that LP, Hawking's vocals appeared on a track called "Keep Talking," which sampled a speech the 72-year-old gave for a British Telecom commercial. 

"This was the most powerful piece of ... television advertising that I've ever seen in my life, and I thought it was fascinating," lead guitarist David Gilmour said in an interview. "And I contacted the company that made it and asked if I could borrow the voice track from it, this voice-over track from it, which I did, which is this voice synthesizer thing, and uh ... I applied it to one of the pieces of music we already had, and I fiddled around with it for months, changing it and putting (mumbles), until it started ... making sense."

You can hear Hawking's voice on "Keep Talking" below. "The Endless River" is expected to be released on Nov. 10. 

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Hawking's synthesized voice added to Pink Floyd song
Voice samples, taken from a 1994 British Telecom commercial, also appeared on Floyd's previous album 'The Division Bell'.