A little more than a year ago, Annabell (Bella) Acton broke up with her boyfriend. Five days before Christmas.


The break up itself was bad enough, but what made things even worse was all of the stuff in her life that continued to remind her of her former beau. Like the plane tickets to London for the trip they were supposed to take together. Or the concert tickets for the show they had planned to attend together. Or the jewelry he gave her.



Never one to let a situation drag her down, Bella launched NeverLikedItAnyway.com, a “place where once loved partners get a second chance.” Through the site, Bella put those plane tickets up for sale, as well as the concert tickets, jewelry and artwork that also reminded her of her ex. And she created a place where other jilted lovers can do the same. Sellers submit a photo of what they’re trying to get rid of, list the “real-world price” and the “break-up price” for the item, and (if they choose to,) spill the story of why it's up for sale.


The site's About Us page gives you a pretty good idea of what it offers:


Falling in love is great.
Falling out of love? Well, it’s not so fun.
In fact it doesn’t get much worse.
And the stereotypes are just as bad; tissue piles, ice cream binges, drastic haircuts, group hugs and useless metaphors.
Well, we’re not a fan of them either.
That’s why we came up with this hare-brained idea*.
A place to tell it like it is.
A place to shed the stories and the stuff.
A place to read other dilemmas so shocking that you forget about your own.
So you can bounce back quicker that you thought.
You may have broken-up, but there’s no need to break-down.


As you would expect, there are a lot of diamonds and wedding dresses for sale. Many of the dresses have never been worn. One, "head-turning" wedding dress includes the description, "This dress was a show stopper. Our marriage also turned people's heads when we ended it this year." But there are other items for sale as well; in fact there's a little something for everyone — like this Apple MacBook Pro ("Was left here by someone. Don't really want to talk about it,") a teddy bear, and even a skull-and-crossbones Snuggie.


It may sound grim, but the overall tone of the site is fun and upbeat. Sort of a modern and constructive alternative to the old burn pile. Like they say on the site, "This is a place full of marvelous deals. And tales of the mild, mutual and monstrous. Let the fun begin!"

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