Move over Mike Tyson, it's Heidi Fleiss' turn.

The former Hollywood madam, who started her infamous prostitution ring at the age of 22, is the new subject of an Animal Planet special called "Heidi Fleiss: Prostitutes to Parrots." As she told TMZ last December, the show will focus on her day-to-day caring and training of the more than 20 exotic macaw parrots that share her Las Vegas home.

OK — sounds interesting, right? Ah, but this is reality television, where drama reigns supreme and press releases lay it on thick:
"As the anxiety at being away from her birds increases, and the pressure to hire a staff to care for them rises, will the stress of life drive her back to drugs? Or, will her love for her birds and the help of noted brothel owner and good friend Dennis Hof, be enough to maintain her sobriety?"
See?! How can you not watch now with so much on the line?!

It's worth mentioning that Fleiss isn't some crazy bird lady, but more someone who fulfilled a deathbed promise to care and watch over the macaws. In the process, she's also become an activist who encourages people not to purchase imported exotic birds.

"Birds are meant to fly, not be caged," she said back in 2009, noting that most people don't understand the amount of time needed for their care. "They're extraordinary creatures that are complex, intelligent and require a huge commitment," she added.

"Prostitutes to Parrots" airs on July 31 at 10 p.m. on Animal Planet.

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Heidi Fleiss and her parrots coming to TV
One-hour special follows the life of the infamous madam and the 20 birds she keeps at her Las Vegas home.