The Mitt Romney "Dog-On-Roof" gaffe is going digital. 


Censault LLC, a digital games publisher, has announced that it will next month be releasing a mobile app called "The Crate Escape: Seamus Unleashed." The game is modeled after a 1983 trip the Romney family took in which the family dog, Seamus, was placed in a pet carrier strapped to the roof of the car. 


"We believe this game is the first serious offering in an exciting new genre of games that are designed to be fun enough to engage large numbers of players in learning and sharing positive social messages," Censault's Jim Chase said in the release.


In "Crate Escape," players control Seamus after he has broken out of his crate. You must then help him avoid all sorts of obstacles while grabbing powerups, energy-boosters and other goodies. Along the way, you can also unlock other famous political pets to help you chase down Romney.


For animal rights activists, the game is yet another opportunity to engage and inform the public on Romney's actions. "In addition to being fun and hilarious, it raises awareness about a shocking incident of animal cruelty," said Scott Crider, founder of the group Dogs Against Romney


You can see a preview of the action offered in "Crate" below. The creators have also launched a $25,000 kickstarter campaign to "add additional polish" and release the app on additional handheld devices. It will launch Aug. 26 — which is National Dog Day — and, woof, the day before the Republican National Convention.


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Help Mitt Romney's dog in 'Crate Escape'
Free mobile app will allow players to control Romney's dog Seamus and guide him to freedom.