In the 2010 film "Hereafter," directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Matt Damon, a giant tsunami crashes through a crowded Indonesian market, crushing buildings, cars, and people unfortunate enough to be in its wide path.

The movie was met with mixed reviews in the United States when it was released last October, but its recreation of the 2004 Indonesian tsunami managed to help it land an Academy Award nomination for best visual effects.

Unfortunately, while "Hereafter" left theaters here in the U.S. before the new year, its theatrical run started less than a month ago in Japan. That terrifying opening sequence — still playing in theaters last weekend when Japan's magnitude-9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami hit — is one of the reasons why Warner Bros. today quietly announced that it was pulling the movie.

Warner Entertainment Japan Inc. official Satoru Otani says theaters in Japan will no longer show the film, adding that the tsunami scenes in the movie were "not appropriate" at this time.

Check out the tsunami sequence from "Hereafter" here. Warning: Some viewers may find this re-creation disturbing.

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'Hereafter' tsunami scene prompts recall from Japan
Warner Bros. decides to pull film from theaters after deadly earthquake and tsunami that struck the country last week.