Hipster Cat
"Hipster Cat" (Photo: Paul Walsh)

New Zealander artist Paul Walsh has spent the last few years painting vibrant murals on communications utility boxes in the city of Auckland.

If some of the imagery (like Menswear Dog, below) feels familiar to you, that's likely because most of the characters that appear in these murals are a direct references to popular Internet memes.

According to Walsh, this subject matter was meant to be a nod to the telephone and Internet services that the utility boxes provide to the city.

Menswear Dog
"Menswear Dog" (Photo: Paul Walsh)

Of course, creating street art can sometimes be a pretty risky (and straight-up illegal) business, but Walsh was able to work out a sweet deal with the company that owned the boxes. He explains in a recent BoredPanda article:

"Back in 2013, I had a few beers and painted a Grumpy Cat on a wall in my local dog park. It got painted out, and the locals were upset and petitioned the council. My friend snuck an article about this into a local newspaper, and then someone who works for Chorus (the company that owns these utility boxes) read the article, and asked me if I would like to paint their boxes instead."

After launching a successful crowdfunding campaign to cover the cost of materials and labor, Walsh got to work. To date, he has painting over 15 utility box murals and has plans to do more.

It's So Shiny
"It's So Shiny" (Photo: Paul Walsh)

Continue below to see more giggle-inducing street art, and be sure to check out all of Walsh's work on his website and Facebook page.

Astro Sloth
"Astro Sloth" (Photo: Paul Walsh)
Awkward Seal
"Awkward Seal" (Photo: Paul Walsh)
Bird with Arms
"Bird with Arms" (Photo: Paul Walsh)
Piggy Stardust
"Piggy Stardust" (Photo: Paul Walsh)
Chimp Selfie
"Chimp Selfie" (Photo: Paul Walsh)
HMS Duckie
"HMS Duckie" (Photo: Paul Walsh)
Fear of a Black and White Planet
"Fear of a Black and White Planet" (Photo: Paul Walsh)

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