Forget Kevin Costner's oil-separating machines or James Cameron's robotic submersible army — what the Gulf needs now are the girls of Hooters and their torn pantyhose.


Like something out of the satirical newspaper The Onion, the Hooter's restaurant chain (including all 380 domestic locations) is providing a unique weapon against the oil spill in the Gulf. Titled "Project Pantyhose", organizers are hoping to collect more than 100,000 pairs of hose to be used to create booms, possibly soaking up 1 million gallons of oil.

It's important to note that these will be laundered pantyhose. Because honestly, if you've ever eaten at Hooters ...

“Who would have thought our Hooters girls’ pantyhose would have a use other than making the girls’ legs look great?” stated Mike McNeil, vice president of marketing for Hooters of America. “The Hooters girls' friendly service has just become environmentally friendly as well.”

The more than 15,000 Hooters girls will be donating their hose to Indigo Oceanic and Matter of Trust. Find out more about the initiative here.

via Ecorazzi

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Hooters to help Gulf oil spill cleanup efforts
Famous restaurant chain offers waitresses' torn pantyhose to create oil-soaking booms. Really.