Note: The following story contains some spoilers!

As "Jurassic World" continues to devour box office records, interest is growing in how the special effects wizards behind the scenes once again managed to make us all fall in love with dinosaurs. While it's easy to chalk it all up to the latest advances in computer animation, "Jurassic World" relied upon a mix of real and digital effects to bring its extinct cast members to life. 

Legacy Effects, which created everything from the heads of raptors to some standalone set pieces, also had a hand in one of the more emotionally charged moments from the film: the dying Apatosaurus. As viewers will remember, the massive sauropod dinosaur became a victim of the genetically-bred Indominus rex, after it broke out of its pen and started killing for sport. The characters played by Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard came across the Apatosaurus just as it was taking its last breaths — a beautiful moment made all the more real by the use of special effects. 


Photo: Legacy Effects

As you'll see in the following seven-minute video from Legacy Effects, there is an absolutely incredible, if not exhausting, amount of detail that went into this one scene. Everything from the realistic glass eye to the robotics that make the skin move and undulate took meticulous planning, design and engineering. In a time when digital effects are the standard, it's amazing to see animatronics keeping pace and still making us believe the impossible. 

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How 'Jurassic World' built its giant dying Apatosaurus
One of the film's most emotionally charged moments came courtesy of the latest in animatronic technology.