Underwater photoshoot: Kissing under the waves

Photos courtesy of Love & Water Photography

Intimate portraiture combines with tropical Hawaiian waters in these breathtaking aquatic photos by Shawn-Marie and Adam Ravazzano — the Maui-based husband-and-wife team behind Love & Water Photography.

Whether you're an engaged couple or a newly wedded bride looking to "trash" your dress, you could have an unforgettable experience plus a collection of beautiful images that will last a lifetime.

Who knows, you might even get photobombed by a sea turtle!

Underwater photoshoot: Swimming with coral and sea turtles

For those not keen on ping all the way under the water, don't fret — the Ravazzanos also offer photo sessions that involve wading along the shoreline.

"[These] sessions are different from underwater in that they can take place in the morning or at sunset, whereas underwater shoots can only happen in the morning," they explain on their website. "We recommend 'in the water' shoots for maternity sessions, families wanting to splash around or those who'd rather not pe in."

Underwater photoshoot: Embracing above the water

While the gear for these shoots is pretty straightforward — Canon cameras secured within AquaTech underwater housings — the major challenge of shooting these unique portraits is coping with the environment. A successful shoot relies a several factors, including the clarity of the water, the strength of the waves and the overall weather forecast.

Of course, even with near-perfect conditions, the models also need to meet certain requirements. Shawn explains that part of the job is gauging "clients' comfort level in the water and [managing] expectations as to the kind of portraits we can realistically achieve, whether they'll be in deep water or just waist-deep."

Underwater photoshoot: Swimming with sea turtles

If you want to get in touch with the Ravazzanos for your own aquatic portrait session, check out the Love & Water Photography website and follow the team on Facebook and Instagram.

In the meantime, continue below for more of these dreamy mermaid-like images!

Underwater photoshoot: Mermaid-like model

Underwater photoshoot: Holding hands

Underwater photoshoot: Reaching the surface

Underwater photoshoot: Kisses above water

Underwater photoshoot: Couple swimming with sea turtle

Underwater photoshoot: Couple swimming to the surface

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